The 5 Best Coolers for Camping

Published: 2023-11-29 | Author: Zane Russel
When it comes to camping, having a reliable cooler is essential for keeping your food and drinks fresh and cool. Whether you're embarking on a weekend getaway or a longer camping trip, investing in a high-quality cooler can make all the difference in preserving your perishables and enhancing your outdoor experience.

1. Yeti Tundra 65

The Yeti Tundra 65 is a top-of-the-line cooler that is built to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. With its rotomolded construction and PermaFrost insulation, this cooler can keep ice frozen for days, even in hot weather. It has a spacious interior capacity of 57.2 liters, providing ample storage space for all your camping essentials. The Tundra 65 also features a durable and bear-resistant design, making it perfect for camping in bear country. Additionally, it comes with heavy-duty handles and a freezer-quality gasket for easy transportation and a tight seal.

2. Coleman Xtreme Cooler

The Coleman Xtreme Cooler is a budget-friendly option that doesn't compromise on performance. It boasts an impressive ice retention capability, keeping ice frozen for up to 5 days in temperatures as high as 90°F. The Xtreme Cooler has a large capacity, allowing you to store up to 100 cans and keep them chilled with the help of its insulated lid and walls. It also features convenient cup holders on the lid, making it a versatile choice for picnics, barbecues, and camping trips. The durable construction and comfortable handles ensure easy portability and long-lasting use.

3. Pelican Elite Cooler

The Pelican Elite Cooler is known for its extreme durability and superior ice retention. This rugged cooler is made with a rotomolded construction and high-quality insulation, providing up to 10 days of ice retention. It has a variety of convenient features, including a built-in bottleopener, a press-and-pull latch, and molded-in tie-downs for secure transportation. The Pelican Elite Cooler also comes with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring that it will withstand the toughest camping adventures for years to come.

4. Igloo BMX 52 Quart Cooler

The Igloo BMX 52 Quart Cooler is designed for rugged outdoor use. It features a heavy-duty blow-molded construction with reinforced corners and stainless steel hinges, making it resistant to impact and wear. The cooler has thick foam insulation in the lid and body, providing excellent ice retention for up to 5 days. With a capacity of 49 liters, it can hold up to 83 cans, making it perfect for larger camping groups. The BMX 52 Quart Cooler also has a sturdy, non-slip lid with integrated tie-down loops, allowing you to secure it to your vehicle or boat.

5. RTIC 45 Cooler

The RTIC 45 Cooler is a reliable and affordable option for camping enthusiasts. It is constructed with heavy-duty roto-molded plastic and features up to 3 inches of foam insulation, ensuring superior ice retention. The cooler has a capacity of 42.5 liters, providing ample space for your camping essentials. It also comes with a sturdy stainless steel handle and molded side handles for easy transportation. The RTIC 45 Cooler is bear-resistant and has a no-sweat exterior, preventing any condensation from forming on the outside. With its durable design and excellent cooling performance, it's a great choice for any camping adventure.

A group of campers sitting around a cooler, enjoying drinks and snacks.
A group of campers sitting around a cooler, enjoying drinks and snacks.
Cooler Capacity (Liters) Ice Retention (Days) Price
Yeti Tundra 65 57.2 Multiple days $349.99
Coleman Xtreme Cooler N/A Up to 5 days $49.99
Pelican Elite Cooler N/A Up to 10 days $299.95
Igloo BMX 52 Quart Cooler 49 Up to 5 days $99.99
RTIC 45 Cooler 42.5 Multiple days $189.99

Investing in a high-quality cooler is essential for a successful camping trip. The 5 coolers mentioned above offer exceptional performance, durability, and ice retention, making them the best options for your outdoor adventures. Choose the one that suits your needs and enjoy fresh food and chilled beverages throughout your camping experience.

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Great Cooler for Camping

I recently purchased the Yeti Tundra 65 for my camping trip, and it exceeded my expectations. The ice stayed frozen for days, even in hot weather. Highly recommend!


Affordable and Reliable

The Coleman Xtreme Cooler is a fantastic option for budget-conscious campers. It kept our drinks cold for the entire weekend trip. Very impressed!


Durable and Dependable

I've been using the Pelican Elite Cooler for years, and it has never let me down. It keeps my food and drinks ice-cold for days, even in extreme temperatures. Worth every penny!


Sturdy and Spacious

The Igloo BMX 52 Quart Cooler is perfect for family camping trips. It has plenty of space for all our food and drinks, and the sturdy construction can withstand rough handling. Highly recommend!


Great Value for Money

The RTIC 45 Cooler is an excellent choice for budget-conscious campers. It performs just as well as more expensive brands and keeps everything cold for days. Very satisfied with my purchase!

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